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I am Hooked on Teardrops

I’m hooked. Since I was a kid I have loved RVs. When I was young my parents had a bumper pull camper that we would take out on weekends and vacations. It was so much fun. We also did a lot of tent camping.

Last summer I moved from Alaska back home to Texas and drove back. Part of the way I camped in a tent at or near National Parks, and it was one of the best experience of my life. I love to camp and love to be out in the parks, and so I have gotten hooked on the idea of purchasing a teardrop trailer.

What is a teardrop trailer?

You would be surprised at how many people do not know what one is. No worries. Basically it is a small, streamlined, and lightweight camper. It gets its name from its shape.

hooked teardrops

That is just an example of a teardrop taken from Wikipedia. There are so many designs and models now. They range from rather simple and cheap (couple thousand dollars) to rather elaborate and fully decked out (over $20,000).

I’m not looking for one of the high end ones but would rather have a lower end one that is lightweight. Right now I drive a Toyota Camry, which I love, but it cannot pull much of anything. I don’t think I would have a problem puling a smaller teardrop (many of them are around 600 lbs). But eventually I want to upgrade my vehicle and get a small SUV.

There are a lot of different manufacturers out there. I have a few things that I want on my teardrop including:

  • Air conditioning – I currently live in Texas and don’t see myself moving anytime soon. And if you have missed it – it gets hot here.
  • Rear hitch receiver – This will basically allow me to put a bike rack on the back of the trailer.
  • TV – I know many of you are saying that it defeats the purpose of camping, but I want to do some long-term camping in the summer in the future. And without it there will be no baseball and that is not good in my book.

I think that’s about it. There are other things I am torn on like a rear galley. I think I could live without it, but I’d really like to have one.

Possible Future Teardrop?

My favorite so far is the Koa Simple Galley┬ámodel from the Tiny Camper Company. It is inexpensive, lightweight, and I’ve read good reviews of their workmanship.

Lately I have been sucked down the vortex of YouTube. I’ve seen so many videos on RVing, teardrops, and just about anything else camping related. So I will not do anything rash, but I’m really looking at and pricing various teardrops with the hopes of having one at the latest by next summer. Ideally I’d love to have one made and ready to pick up somewhere by spring break

Keep checking back for more posts on teardrops. I hope to bring you some of the blogs/vlogs that I’ve been following and learning from.