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Let’s Go to Luckenbach, Texas

With some time off from work, I took off and headed down to the hill country. After taking in one of Texas best BBQ joints in Llano, I headed down to Fredericksburg. The goal was to hit Luckenbach in the morning as the sun came up to take some photos and try a new technique I learned last week.

The new technique I learned about was multiplicity. That is where you take multiple pictures of someone in different poses/spots and then combine them. The results were good for a first attempt. I’m still playing around with some of the photos I took in Photoshop to see if I can come up with a few more, but this is the one that I liked the most so far.

I love shooting in Luckenbach. I even had a nice conversation with one of the workers today. He was an old man who was telling me some good tips on taking photos here, and said he took a lot of them of people in front of the building. He was kind and it was nice talking to him.

I took a few other photos there as well that turned out okay. It is easily one of my favorite places in Texas. The drive is nice as well as you head through the hill country.

There are still a few places I want to see in the area, including a few more BBQ places. Speaking of BBQ places, on this trip I tried out Cooper’s Old Time Pit BBQ in Llano, Texas. It was rated as one of the top 50 BBQ places in Texas by Texas Monthly magazine.

In short, this place was awesome. I had some brisket and some jalepeno sausage. Both were amazing, but the brisket was melt in your mouth good. I also took in some blackberry cobbler which wasn’t bad.

The brisket was by far the best. They sell everything by the pound, and it is definitely worth the drive. The BBQ sauce was okay. It could have been better but overall it was decent. They have a big thing of beans near the soda machines and onions that you can fill up on, and they were pretty good. On the table is bread and pickles.

You can find out more about Cooper’s at https://www.coopersbbq.com/. Give it a try. Later this week or next I plan on heading out to another of Texas Monthly’s favorite BBQ places.

Until then.