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The Grove, Texas – a “Museum Ghost Town”

Not far from my home is a little “ghost town” called The Grove, Texas. It gets its name from a grove of live oak trees that sit nearby. The town was once a bustling small country town that had two general stores, a mill, and a cotton gin. However, as the years went by, the small town’s population slowly declined.

The Grove, Texas

The Grove, Texas

At its height there were about 400 people living in The Grove.  A post office was established in 1874, but eventually closed. As the town slowly got bypassed by a new highway (Hwy 36) and the construction of Fort Hood, the public school was closed (1948) and the population fell to around 65.

The construction of Fort Hood (1942) and the the building of Belton dam in 1953 forced farmers to move as they lost their land. Today a church is the main part of the town, but many of the buildings were redone in their former glory. And today it sits more as a museum than anything else.

Bought in 1972 by Moody Anderson, the town was turned into a museum of sorts with many antiques. Anderson, an antiques dealer, filled the town with antiques. He even loaned many of them to production companies for use in films, including Lonesome Dove. But don’t be fooled, Lonesome Dove was not filmed here like many of my friends believe. There have been a few short films and a drama filmed in part here in 2014.

The town was sold again in 2010 to a family from San Jose, California. The new owner has no plans for the town, except to preserve it. It has been designated a historical town by the Smithsonian Institute and is a really cool little slice of live in the late 1800s.

I took a trip out to the town not long ago and brought my camera. This is what I wound up with.

The Grove, Texas