Petrified Forest National Park

One of the national parks I got to see this summer was the Petrified Forest National Park. Located in Arizona, the Petrified Forest makes for a great day trip. I made mine on my way to the Grand Canyon. It includes an easy road to drive through the park.

The park itself is beautiful. In addition to the petrified forest there is the painted desert to see. The park straddles Interstate 40 and it is definitely worth the stop. There are plenty of places to stop, walk around, hike, or even picnic if you like. I took my time seeing the scenery in order to take photos and it was just a nice afternoon.

There are other activities you can enjoy if you so choose as well including hiking, backpacking, and guided programs with park rangers. Be sure to check out the different things going on while you are there at the visitor’s center. There is one at both entrances to the park.

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