Europe: Summer Trip for 2018

Part of what I will focus on here at Down That Dusty Trail will be my travels. And with that being said, I am announcing my plans for the summer of 2018. As a teacher, I have a few months off each summer. Two years ago I moved and drove from Alaska to Texas stopping at several National Parks along the way. Last year, other than a few short trips, my main trip was a week in Washington D.C. However, next summer I will be headed to Europe for the first time.

Last June I bought a one-way ticket to Berlin for just $255. I knew I wanted to go but didn’t know when I wanted to come back. Germany has been a place I’ve always wanted to travel to, and next year I am going.

About a week ago I finally found a return flight. I had earned over 50,000 points via American Express with most of those coming from a sign up bonus. I don’t use the card any longer and will be canceling before my first year is up so I don’t have to pay the yearly fee. Using those points and an additional $200 (half of which was buying the last needed points I needed) I booked a one-way flight back to the US from Munich – business class.

I am very excited about the trip. I plan on seeing Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Salzburg, Prague, Krakow, and Wroclaw but not necessarily in that order. I might mix in another stop as well since I will be there for a month.

I have never been to Europe but lived in South Korea for three years. So international travel is not something new. There are many places I want to see both historically and sports wise (baseball mainly). Yes they play baseball in all of those countries.

I begin my trip in Boston since that is where I am flying to Berlin from. On my way back I will make a stopover in NYC, another place I have never been. I do not know the exact route I will take just yet, but over the coming months I will definitely be working on that. As we get closer I will share my plans a bit further.

If you have any suggestions on places to see, things to do, or food/drink I should try, please feel free to share.