About Me

Welcome to Down that Dusty Trail Photography. I am located in central Texas and love to travel and photograph landscapes and landmarks. Please check back or join our mailing list for updates when new photos are added.

During the week I am a high school social studies teacher, which might explain why you will continually see historical places here. I love learning about history and I love teaching. During the holidays, summers, and on weekends I like to get out with my camera and shoot different landscapes and sites. I am a big fan of HDR photography, and you will see a lot of that in my work.

I am also a published author having written two articles for the 2011 SK Wyverns Fan Book while living in South Korea. The Wyverns are a professional baseball team in South Korea and each year they put out a fan book (a sort of media guide). In the 2011 edition I had the opportunity to write two articles. The first, which was published in both English and Korean, was about watching baseball from a foreigner’s perspective in Korea. The second, printed in only Korean, was about some of the better books and movies on baseball from the US. You can see my article in English by clicking on the following link and turning to page 14 of the document – SK Fan Book.

I invite you to check out the blog and please send any questions or comments my way via the Contact Me page. I’d love to hear your feedback or stories if you are a photographer.

These are just a few random photos from my collection. As you can see I love national parks. I feel they are places that everyone should visit if given the chance since they contain some of the most beautiful places in the United States.